Customs Service


The main purpose of a customs review is to determine whether the company is in compliance with the customs law of Indonesia. For example, in the case of a company’s use of import facilities such as a bonded zone facility, we will focus on determining whether the company is in compliance with the associated prevailing customs regulation.
In respect of the above, we will
  • Review the recording, filing and quarterly reporting to customs
  • Periodical update to clients of changes in customs regulations
  • Identify customs exposures and possible consequences to company
  • Propose optimal solutions



In the event that a company is undergoing a customs audit, we could assist by conducting the following:
  • Fact findings through examination of documents and interview with relevant company staff
  • Formulate approach within prevailing regulations and global precedent minimizing the liabilities to the company
  • Develop draft response to audit findings in the context of the pertinent law and regulations
  • Represent company during customs audit process and closing conferences